What we do

Excellent search services and staffing solutions for the successful modern business

At Jobskey Executive Search & Selection, we’ve got big plans- to help you cut cost and boost productivity by providing elite talents that will solve all your workforce needs.

Based in Saudi Arabia, our hallmarks are the non-negotiable principles of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction with a proven commitment to excellence in search services- executive search, outsource and payroll services.

Our pride is in our ability to attract, improve and retain highly skilled and motivated staff there are in the recruitment industry. That’s not all; every Jobskey Executive Search & Selection employee is the total package that is trained and proficient in providing great recruitment solutions for small, medium and large businesses cutting across a variety of sectors.

Be it Health, Industrial, Professional, Technology, or consumer goods, we have the industry specific staff with the right qualification and accolade to handle your demands and requirements.

Ours is not just about staffing and search services, we’ve gone a step further to partner with you to develop an effective strategy that will add tremendous value to your business in the immediate and long term.

Our Mission

  • To meet and surpass your staffing needs

Here is why ours is a mission possible:

  • We don’t compromise when it comes to picking the most qualified candidate.
  • We keep our eyes on the ball and continuously ensure the personal development of candidates we provide.
  • Together with you, we will identify and choose candidates with leadership qualities that can take challenges head-on and also meet your needs.

Our Vision

  • To be the best search firm

Having been recognized as the most innovative, dedicated, and productive executive search firm in the Gulf region, we know what it means to set standards, and that is why we provide our clients with a level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations and meet our very own high standards.

You need the best partner to bring out the best in your business. We know this, and we’ve positioned ourselves as your perfect business partner to help you achieve the goals and objectives of your business through human capital development and sustainable growth management solutions.

Our team

  • Here to transform your business
  • A management team with proven track record of establishing winning partnerships that will elevate your business.
  • Highly knowledgeable about the hassles that can destroy an organization.
  • A team that is abreast of the critical happenings and latest trends in your industry to guide and provide you with game-changing insight that will tilt the scale in your favor.
  • Our professionals are experienced in search services and just about any specific industry including yours; enjoy the best of both worlds with Jobskey Executive Search & Selection.

These points and more enable Jobskey Executive Search & Selection to answer your niggling questions and proffer solutions to those business challenges that are threatening to crumble your establishment.

1. Who are we?

Jobskey in a nutshell is a search firm that helps employers find premium and rare talent. As a full search complementary service provider, we utilize state of the art vetting strategies to provide only the most qualified candidates to fill executive, technical, or high level top notch roles.

2. What we can offer to the candidate?

Are you reluctant or too busy to test the job market? Don’t worry. At Jobskey’s we provide provide professional recruiters who excel in service delivery- we will connect you with “hidden” opportunities.

3. Why our clients trust us?

The reason is simple! Our approach is hinged on a highly selective process that refers only the most qualified candidates to clients.
This is because our diligence involves a detailed understanding of our client, their business, and their culture. The value here is that only candidates that fits perfectly are considered.
Additionally, our clients know we’ve developed an extensive database of highly rated potential candidates using a well laid out network of referrals, professional associations membership lists, the media etc.

Our Values

A premier search service cut out to provide value

Jobskey Executive Search & Selection succeeds by providing value consistently to our clients allowing us to thrive where others have faltered.

Our values make us succeed case after case irrespective of the industry, and we are not ashamed to sing it out loud.

Solid Relationships

we seek to establish long term relationships with our clients. One founded on mutual trust, believe, and the drive to satisfy you.

Elite Talent

like you, we understand the importance of having the best talents in your team. And because we want your business to fly high, we only employ the most qualified, skilled and reliable staff that will provide you with excellent client service and top-notch search, outsourcing, and payroll solutions.


We are an honest business that will not hide behind propaganda to deceive our clients. Our actions are tailored to doing business the only way we know how- honestly.


we will help you grab opportunities even before others knew it was there because it is essential to the value we add to your business and the problems we solve.

Top Notch Service Delivery

our staffs are courteous, patient and respectful. At Jobskey Executive Search & Selection, our actions are designed to provide you with the ultimate client satisfaction

Cutting-Edge Technology

we leverage top line technology to stay ahead in the fast-changing world of search services because we believe without it we won't be able to serve you optimally.

Thorough Research

wouldn’t you want custom profiles for potential candidates for every search? Our excellent research abilities will do that irrespective of the industry- this way we match only the best fitting profiles to your requirements thus saving you time and resources.


we believe in achieving more by been specific that’s why Jobskey Executive Search & Selection has emphasized developing specific expertise for individual industries. Each task is handled by an industry specialist with the proper knowledge and experience to provide you with what you demand.


our passion for serving you and our clients is deep; you will not catch us developing cold shoulders. We are here to please, and we don't attempt to hide it.

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We combine the reach, reputation, and relationships found in larger search firms with the superior customer service, dedication, and agility that only a boutique search firm can provide. All of our team members have previous working experience in  delivering focused knowledge and insight

Exceptional Service

We extend outstanding recruitment service to individuals and companies in KSA who seek the best of the best

Expert team

Our Expert team are constantly building relationships with clients and candidates to ensure the right skills match every time!

Affordable Fee

Our philosophy is simple: search should be attainable, affordable and stress-free for all businesses, big or small

Customer Centric

Customer service is very high on our agenda, we dont follow standard practice we are just customer centric. We design programs based on Customer requirement

Modern Tool

We use modern tool like applicant tracking system that tracks the candidates movement, selection process, interview process, until candidate gets hired or kept for future opening

Out-Of-Box Strategies

We embracing creative recruiting strategies to attract the right caliber professional